A Collection of
Stylish and Sustainable

CHAN + KRYS is a collection of stylish and sustainable separates and accessories focused on texture and comfort. Ditching the traditional fashion calendar, CHAN + KRYS offers mix and match seasonless pieces that reinvent and extend the conventional wardrobe. Taking steps toward being environmentally and ethically sound, women can now look and feel good while doing good, without ever sacrificing quality and style.

It all started when Chantale and Krystalrae met at a popular trim boutique in NYC’s garment district.

As they got acquainted, they discovered their similar backgrounds growing up with seamstresses and artists, going to design colleges, and working in the fashion industry. Eventually, they had their own collections and supported each other through the process being each other’s accountability partner. Ironically they decided to start working together when Krystalrae moved to SF. Ever since they’ve been a match made in fashion heaven—proof that people can still work together even though they are far apart. #distantdesigners