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Chantale + Krystalrae

aka Chan + Krys

Industry weary and full of vision, Chantale and Krystalrae became fast friends after meeting at a New York City trim store one weekend in 2008. The designers became cheerleaders for each others eponymous clothing lines, often commiserating on the difficulties of walking the entrepreneurial path alone. What began as monthly coffee dates to brainstorm, sketch, and hold each other accountable as entrepreneurs, evolved to become Chan + Krys, officially launched in 2015.  

Both drawn to texture and color, it was a melding of maximalist and minimalist aesthetics and an equally matched desire to learn more about sustainability in fashion, while utilizing their growing drive to create in a less harmful way.

For them, the natural place to begin was in their childhood memories of sewing and crocheting at home with their mothers. Literally, pulling coveted pieces from their mom’s wardrobes and reworking them to fit their current and sometimes more casual, tomboy style, Chan + Krys began to take shape. Ever inspired by their individual cultural backgrounds; Chantale is Haitian-American and Krystalrae is Filipina-American, this first-generation American duo is exploring style-past, present and future, through the lens of sustainability.